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Waardenburg's syndrome: The risk of recurrence of congenital ...
by GC Robinson - 1965 - Cited by 2
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The purpose of this paper is todescribe a pedigree of Waardenburg's syndrome and to discuss genetic counseling for the congenital nerve deafness.

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Analyzing Pedigrees
Making your own family pedigree is easy. All the materials you will need is paper, a pencil or pen and a colored marker. Draw an outline of your family

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Pedigree Analysis - Pedigree, Line, Disease, Generation, Family ...
Pedigree analysis can also allow estimation of gene penetrance and gene expressivity. Penetrance is defined as the probability that a disease sate will

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GENETIC PEDIGREES ("Family trees"). Basic. In these diagrams, people are represented by symbols, usually circles for female and squares for male, and the

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Dog pedigrees unearth human disease genes Virginia Hughes
Because dogs are purposely inbred for specific traits and are extremely well characterized, scientists have long used their pedigrees to
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