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How to tell if your dog is ill ?
Our dog can tell you how he's feeling, so it's important that you learn to recognize any signs of illness. Unless your dog is unconscious, bleeding or otherwise visibly distressed, how can you tell if he's sick?
The first step is to know your dog. Be aware of his unusual behavior and appearance to provide a basis for evaluating his health.
Signs of illness
Types of unusual behavior that may signal an illness in your dog include : loss of appetite; a lack of interest in his surroundings; hiding in dark places; scratching or chewing at feet, skin or hair coat; persistent coughing; discharge from the eyes; red,inflamed or cloudy eyes; persistent head shaking or ear scratching; unpleasant breath odor and / or swollen gums; hair coat with a harsh feel or dull texture; dull and flaky skin ; pot belly or thinness; blood in the urine; mucus or blood in the stools; soft foul-smelling stools; repeated vomiting over several days or unusual lumps under the skin. If any of these symptoms exist consult your veterinarian.
An important caution.
Another health problem to consider is obesity. Obesity is the number one nutritional disorder among dogs, and it causes the same problems for dogs as it does in humans. Cardiovascular and respiratory systems, for example, are adversely affected by obesity. Your veterinarian can advice you on your dog's body condition and any needed treatment. By keeping your dog physically active, you'll help him stay fit and mentally alert. A dog who enjoys regular play times is less likely to get bored and engaged in destructive behavior. Plus, exercise reduces stress for you and your dog !
The Importance of playtime.
Dogs are social creatures by nature, so playtime is a great way to get become better acquainted with your dog's personality. And the better you know your dog, the more likely you'll be to notice any unusual behavior which could be caused by illness. By participating in playtime with you, your dog learns what behavior is allowed and what is not allowed. The best part is, he's having so much fun that he doesn't realize that he's learning too !

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