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Found resource sites for "Hair Loss in Dogs":
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Itch-And-Scratch-Bite-And-Lick! - Skin and Coat - ...
One type, called Microsporum canis, causes non-pruritic, circular patches of hair loss, often called ringworm. Transmissible to other dogs

Bernese Mountain Dog Club of Canada
Bernese Mountain Dog Club of Canada is a non-profit organization devoted to the betterment and protection of the breed. This website will provide you with

Update on canine Lyme disease
In dogs, Lyme disease is typically manifested by an acute or subacute arthritis. The first case report of B. burgdorferi-associated arthritis in a dog was

Cushing's Disease in Dogs A Case Study / Cushing's Help and Support
Cushing's Disease in Dogs A Case Study. This site provides information and support for people with Cushing's or other endocrine problems, their friends

seizures in dogs?
Seizures in dogs can occur just like they can in humans. This is due to an neurological factor that sends the wrong signals from the brain to the body.

Parasitic Worms found in Dogs
It is unusual for a dog that is over a year of age to have persistant roundworm infestation. Roundworms can encyst in body tissues and then be stimulated to

Cancer (oncology) of Dogs - General Information
Excellent overview of mammary tumors, including spaying as protection against cancer and the various types of mammary cancers in dogs. By Wendy C. Brooks,

Pregnant dog - pregnancy signs in dogs - Article on
Pregnant dog - pregnancy signs in dogs - how do I know if my dog is pregnant - is Canada's source for info on pets including dogs cats birds and

Pancreatitis in the dog
Common symptoms of the acute form of pancreatitis in dogs include a very painful abdomen, abdominal distention, lack of appetite,

Stress can cause large bowel diarrhea in excitable dogs. The diagnosis of large intestinal diarrhea is also made by blood tests and

Japanese Chin Puppies - Dogs for sale - Breeders in the UK at ...
Japanese Chin Dogs breed profile and information at Pets4Homes UK. Find and advertise Japanese Chin Puppies for sale - Japanese Chin Dogs for sale and

Arthritis in dogs: a killer disease? Telegraph Blogs
caption id="attachment_100037194" align="aligncenter" width="460" caption="Many older dogs suffer mobility problems caused by

Cataracts in Dogs
Some dogs react adversely to cataract surgery. In our practice experience it has been about 10% or so of the patients who have had cataract surgery.

Chronic Kidney Failure in Dogs ~ Pawprints and Purrs, Inc.
Kidney failure is the inability of the kidneys to remove waste products from the blood. This definition can occasionally create confusion because some will

liver disease in dogs
Tragically many dog owners fail to recognize the fatal complications from liver disease resulting in the following problems for their pet.

Home-Constipation in Dogs
Is your dog having trouble doing his 'twos'? If he is showing pain while straining, and is passing either small amounts or no faeces at all then he could be
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