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Boxer breed puppies
Did you know that the Boxer has a tendency to stand on their hind legs and changes in its front paws when playing and fighting? Read on for information on the origin of Boxer puppies, size, temperament, training, character and attention.
Boxer Puppies – Brief History
It is known that this breed of dog originally from Brabant Bullenbeisser and can be traced back to Belgium. Elite people in Germany, is said to have spent Brabant Bullenbeisser when they went hunting wild boar. It was by the 1800s, that dog has been associated with cattle dealers.
Over time many changes have taken place. It is estimated that by the year 1830, was an early form of the English bulldog crossed with Brabant Bullenbeisser giving birth to a new breed - Boxer. This new breed was white!
The Boxer was bred to bite, chase and maintain small game. This animal came to America with U.S. soldiers home from World War II.
More Information About the Boxer
Its Coat
Boxers have smooth, short and shiny coats that may be fawn, brindle or red in color. This dog might also have a black mask around the jaws and nose. White markings around the chest, feet and belly are possible too.
Its Description and Size
The female Boxer is usually 21 to 23.5 inches in height whereas the male is about 22.5 to 25 inches. These dogs are strong, agile and compact. This dog is able to breathe even while holding on to an animal because of its small nose and broad powerful jaws. The Boxer has a docked tail, a distinctive head with long lower jaws and broad muzzles, an arched skull and sloping shoulders.
Its Character
Boxer puppies and dogs are friendly, happy, intelligent, loyal and attentive. These little animals have lots of energy and like to carry about anything that they can fit in their mouths. Boxers carry themselves with pride and make excellent companions and guardians. Remember to always keep the Boxer’s food bowl full, as this puppy can turn rowdy when it is empty.
Its Temperament
Boxer puppies are self-assured, dignified, patient and curious. Boxers adore children and are comfortable with other animals that they have grown up with. They also love human companionship and do not like being left alone for long periods of time. These dogs are blessed with a heightened sense of hearing which makes them excellent guard dogs.
Its Care
From the Boxer has a short coat and tight, it takes very little preparation. An occasional brushing to remove dead hair would suffice. This breed should be bathed when necessary, because it is clean and grooms itself. It is important to feed a good diet because Boxer has a sensitive stomach and tendency toward excessive flatulence. Remember to avoid taking the pants in cold climates because their hair is short enough to withstand the cold. Boxers usually live 10 to 12 years, athletic tracks and up a long time. A boxer have litters of 2 to 10 puppies Boxer.
Its Training
The Boxer puppy needs to be trained on obedience. Apart from this, it also needs to be taught not to jump on people. While forming a training regime for your Boxer puppy it is important to make the sessions fair, firm and consistent. These animals are quick to learn and thus can be trained quickly.
Its Activity Schedule
Like the boxer needs a lot of physical and mental exercise, it is important to take long walks and runs regularly. Can be taught to take it or come up with other exercises that will keep it, tired of the boxers are active, in general, it becomes destructive and underlined. This breed can live in an apartment if it is used on a regular basis.

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