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Boxer Dog Breed Personality
The next section of information on various aspects of personality boxer dogs. A better understanding of these dogs at home should help take care of them.
Boxer dogs are known for their energetic and entertaining. I love running and being active all the time. This type of dog are said to play. No other race can match the boxer dogs in terms of youthful exuberance to display. boxer dogs take their name from the habit of standing on its hind legs and boxing with the feet. We will understand more about the boxer’s personality through the following paragraphs.
Boxer Dog Breed
Brabant Bullenbeisser dog race in Belgium was one of the boxer dog days evolved. Passage between Brabant and Bullenbeisser English Bulldog in the 1830s led to the development of the race today dog Boxer. Boxer dogs have been introduced in the U.S. in the first part of the 20th century. Later in the 1940s, became popular boxer in America and were mainly used as show dogs. These square built dog of medium size weighs about 60 pounds. and reach a height of 20-25 cm. The information below Boxer dog should help you better understand this breed.
Boxer Dog Breed Personality
Earlier, the boxer dog has been raised primarily as watchdogs. The menacing look in the face of a boxer dog that should not be confused with aggression. These creatures are, in fact, loving and kind full of energy. Because of its enthusiastic and vigorous, boxers need plenty of exercise. It is necessary to channel their energy positively and appropriately. Bad behavior could be due to lack of sufficient exercise. This type of behavior of these large, strong dogs can be resolved with proper training. You must understand that once the dogs behave inappropriately normal, it is difficult to control. And obstinate rebel boxers should be trained early in his life. Boxers can be good leaders for their playful disposition. Can move its tail, jump, dance and shake to release its energy and, therefore, entertain the owner.
Boxer dogs need to socialize and, therefore, the owner must be careful and cautious about their needs. It is best to breed dogs with boxer peers. The boxer is very attached to family members and care for them. This is one reason why boxers to be excellent watchdogs. However, when it comes to foreigners, these dogs can turn apprehension. Boxers have a unique feature of ripening slower compared with other breeds of dog. puppy behavior like boxers unlike other races, stay for many years. Only 3-4 years after receiving a small stable.
Boxer Dog Breed Temperament
The Boxer dog is balanced and we rarely see them be aggressive. These dogs are known for being courageous. Behavioral traits such as hyperactivity or shyness is not observed in these dogs. If these features are seen, so you should check the pedigree. Chances are that the dog is rude and shows no behavioral traits required of a boxer. The Ugly / boxers malicious behavior to distinguish them from other races. Behavioral problems may arise in the boxers, they are kept isolated. They love being with people and keeping busy is good for their physical and mental health. More:
Boxers are one of the most popular breeds. Understanding the personality of the boxer dog should help take care. You must be able to learn enough boxer dogs information presented above.

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